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It pays to make referrals to RentCore Property Management. Real estate agents can increase their earnings by working and advertising with RentCore.

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Why Work with RentCore?

RentCore Property Management serves Realtors in North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Mississauga and Toronto with premier property management services that give investors peace of mind. Partnering with RentCore means taking advantage of a wealth of knowledge accumulated by our team, plus our dedication to Realtors involved in buying and selling properties.

A Trusted Partner

You can keep working with your clients even after you have referred them to RentCore, and we will never interfere.


Boost Your Earnings

Under our referral system, you could earn for every referral to RentCore.


Efficient Screening Process

We utilize top-tier marketing and a strong screening system to locate the best candidates for tenancy.


Prompt Client Support

We remain on call, 24/7 to help out in case of emergencies or repairs, be it Landlord or tenant.


Peace Of Mind

No need to worry about regular maintenance, legal documents or rent collection – that’s our job.

Seasoned Management Team

Our experienced, professional and dedicated staff are ready to assist at a moment’s notice. 



properties managed

$230 Million

In Managed Assets


years of experience

Boost Your Earnings with Referrals!

The RentCore Property Management Referral Program allows Realtors to earn on each referral, with no limits attached.

By referring your clients to us, you can take advantage of the valuable services of a seasoned property management company. You will be able to track your referrals through our RentCore Portal, and review any status changes in an instant.

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RentCore is your go-to solution for all your property management needs. Contact us today to get started.

Why should I work with a property management company?

Realtors rely on customer satisfaction and a strong reputation when doing business. Referring your clients to a professional property management company can go a long way towards boosting both.

Why should I choose RentCore?

Choosing RentCore as your property management company means having a dedicated team with 20+ years of experience and prompt client support behind you at all times. Your reputation affects our reputation, and we aim to keep both as high as possible.

Do I need to take care of the paperwork, or will RentCore handle it?

We here at RentCore strive to take the hassle out of property management, which means we’ll gladly take care of the paperwork for you, while doing our due diligence to make sure everything is in order. 

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